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words: POETRY

Lunar Ways

Who then did teach me to talk to the moon
Ever conversing with ease
Dreaming of dying and laughing and crying
All aching in starlight to please

We sit softly near as we dare to be dreaming
And talk of the night's nearing end
Forever he'll fathom to hang there forever
'Midst dawn's dyer need for a friend

I cannot fashion my senses in sunlight
They're muddled and rationed with care
I wait for the evening to be what I wish
And the moon often goes with me there

How did I learn to shy softly from sunrise
And talk to the loverless sky
The language we speak dares to beckon me closer
Above until evening is nigh

How will I know in what tongue you approach
When silence is never appeased
I make careful glances, and wish upon stars
That you'll make conversation with ease

Sit with me under his alien gaze
For the night will draw ending here soon
I'll hold you in darkness and turn you above
As I teach you to talk to the moon.

-E. Roth, 3-1-05